Services offered by Far West Consulting

The services of Far West Consulting include consulting, product engineering, ERP and CRM Services, and embedded Solutions etc. With our talented professionals in various segments, we are committed to deliver the flawless solutions to meet your needs. Read on to know about our consultancy services.


Consultancy Services

We at Far West Consulting have a large group of technology professionals, who have vast knowledge and experience in various technologies, to study your company needs and help to take informed decisions. Our team helps to absorb new technologies and launch new products in a short span of time. We also help quick transformation in engineering and IT sectors.

Our consulting services include big data analytics, IT sourcing/ procurement, training, quality assurance, business architecture development, strategic planning, and forecasting trends and future prospects of a business and the expected return on investment for the proposed plant establishment etc.

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Contingent Staffing Services

Many companies are sourcing the manpower through traditional means. At times, such firms are unable to find the suitable manpower to execute the projects in time. Most of the HR teams are providing professionals too late making it difficult to execute the time bound projects and incurring a late fee on the bills. It is eating the profits of the company. We at Far West Consulting help your company to tackle this situation.


The profitability of any company depends on how it bags the orders, manages execution and implements to the full satisfaction of the customer. Therefore, the success of any company depends on the selection of right candidates either on a permanent or contract basis. It is to be noted that permanent employees are a must for key roles.


We at Far West Consulting have a dedicated team of HR professionals to select the right professionals after studying the skills needed for your company. We reject at the application level itself if they are not ready to accept working on all of the relevant tasks during their assignment in your company.


The screening process checks the qualifications, desired experience, and talent level of the candidates. We also conduct background checks and provide the best candidates to improve your productivity and generate huge revenues.


Our main aim is to provide competent workforce according to your company needs in a short span of time to work on time bound projects. We at Far West Consulting contingent staffing in all of the areas including engineering, accounting, auditing, medicine, and software for your company needs.

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