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The demand for embedded solutions is on the rise worldwide. We at Far West Consulting have a group of skilled and talented professionals to meet your company needs. Read on to know more about our embedded solutions.


Embedded Solutions

Most of the businesses are looking for introducing innovative products of their own without spending all of their resources. Such companies may also be looking to solve the problems being faced in the product line or facing field failures.

When companies intend to introduce an embedded solution of their own, it requires the selection of the right microcontroller, microprocessor or DSP (digital signal processor) and peripherals that access the data, process and provide the requisite number of outputs in the desired format either on inbuilt screen and/or interface with other systems. Therefore, it requires customized software to run on the selected hardware in the device.


For example, your company may want to introduce a centralized control and monitoring of LED lights across a state or nation and monitor/ provide dimming capability to save energy costs. It requires an embedded solution in languages including java or embedded c and an interface through GPS or GPRS or optical fiber for monitoring through a web and take action.


We also provide embedded solutions on cost effective hardware like Raspberry Pi3 etc. It reduces the need for expensive hardware for simple applications in schools and for running ERP in industries etc.


We have a talented team of professionals in our company to study the requirements and provide the right embedded solution in a cost effective way. Our services are not just over when delivering the product; we are committed to providing complete support for upgrading or managing for the complete life cycle. Our services are scalable, competitive and cost effective. It ensures guaranteed ROI for your solutions.


We provide embedded solutions for defense, law enforcement, hospitals, home, commercial establishments and the industries alike. We ensure the seamless working of hardware and software using intelligent strategies.

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