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Reducing administrative expenses and fully utilizing the skilled manpower is the key to achieve the set targets well before the target date. Therefore, ERP solutions and CRM solutions are in great need for companies to get more work done with the existing employees without subjecting them to long working hours. Read on to know more about CRM Solutions and ERP Solutions offered by Far West Consulting.


ERP Services

The companies need to adopt the paperless strategy to reduce decision making time and expedite execution. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a set of software applications including HR module, finance module, planning module, stores module, engineering module, the marketing module, and testing module to run on the internet. It integrates all of the manufacturing tasks and helps to run simultaneously for faster execution.

We at Far West Consulting provide customized ERP solutions developed using open source software such as Linux and Postgres SQL after studying your company business needs. You need not spend all of your resources on expensive ERP solutions like the SAP.

CRM Solutions

Automation of the business processes offers a lot of rich dividends in the long run. Customer Relationship Management or CRM allows managing all of the clients, and partners from a single location. We at Far West Consulting provide a complete customized CRM solution based on cloud system for all of your business needs. It helps to track the sales leads and conclude deals faster.

You can view our demos and try the software for free before staging a purchase decision.

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